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A small edition but can make a big impact. Aerators go on the faucet and restrict water flow to save water 
Low Flow Showerheads 
Hand Held Showerheads
Water Saving Headquarters Resources
We take pride in our wide selection of quality resources. All of the resources we offer are from trusted sites or national organizations. Should you find helpful links or information that you think would be beneficial to others, please reach out to us. 

If you have any questions regarding our resources or need help making your home eco-friendly, we'd be glad to help 
Low Flow Showerheads are one of the main ways to save water in your home. Lose no pressure or heat but save water
For those who prefer moving  , you can save water with these low flow hand held shower heads
DIY Showerheads 
Installing a new showerhead in your home is less complicated than you think, see the how to here 
Lowest Flow Toilets
Lever/Spray Aerators
Save water all while not thinking about it. Low flow toilets can add style, class, and sense to your bathroom
Lever style aerators provide more control and movement for commercial kitchens but still saves water 
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Should You Use a Toilet Seat Cover?
When is it safe to use the toilet or cover it in tissue? What are the circumstances of spreading diseases?